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Many strange and mysterious sightings of UFOs have been claimed by people around the world,
but the US government always says that they have a "logical" meaning.


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Coverup and disinformation

Jose Bonilla UFO observation 12 August 1883

Photograph of a UFO taken in 1883 by Jose Bonilla.

A President of the United States once saw one[a UFO] and launched a $20 million inquiry to find out more about it. A Caribbean island secretary saw one, and urged the United Nations to debate it. UN secretary-General U Thant once called them 'the most important problem facing the world next to the war in Vietnam'. That war was long over, but unidentified flying objects are still being spotted...

The US government still does not want people to believe in UFOs. It is even US army policy to dismiss any reports of Ufos .