To start things off, why are "some rights reserved" for Ufology wiki posts? And to bite into things; I have wondered "If I was the Anti Christ, would it bring about all the good the Messiah promised?" I therefore believe that a knowing antithesis or at least a need-to-knowing antithesis is important in the very dualism they use to justify weapons production. I hope they arn't like so much fodder which they use to achieve their own ends, I hope they know what they are doing. I hope these people, pushing for this classified production of our "future" know what they are doing is wrong. I hope, as I often do, that I'm not right, that ancient texts and modern claims have nothing to do with eachother on this subject. That the things I've seen, never existed. Trully, it feels safe being that way, and a dog about to be put down feels just the same way. I digress, I am begining to think that this ordu ab chao goes deeper and further than human understanding. We cannot be given control of anything without paying the price, one could say that the people in charge want to "pay the price" themselves, but ultimately, I see these plans spilling into the laps of innocent people. I see too much misery in the potential implications of a orchestrated apocalypse... I wish I could just dose all of this with my religious views. Anyone reading this should at least understand that while "us against them" has worked as a metaphor for our progress, we cannot turn away from the obvious. And what is obvious is that when you're dealing with a curious, intelligent entity the best way to keep it both distracted, and to keep it liking you... use fear to distract it, and let someone else use to fear to keep your hands clean. When this blows open, you'll have a lot of silent people, but those who do talk will perhaps mostly be confused saying things like "but I was doing what *you* told me to". And the only thing more deniable than a claim like that is when it's entrenched in secrecy to begin with. Let them lie, let them bury themselves with it.

But I would say even they are controlled, and the controllers have plans that appear positive, but with cold and inhumane methods to produce these plans into reality.

But in the end, I think we will see weapons, warminds, and warriors, pounded violently into plowshares. In the end, I hope that the opposite side of the "savior" coin knows he's going to be landing on his face/