Interesting article - relative was member of 1369th Photo Squadron and when he passed found numerous photos and 16mm film re Nasa and military. How do I get more information on this squadron other then UFO sighting?


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Very interesting article. Stuff like this always begs many more questions. Was this a practise shot at a US Atlas to test development for future use? Was the UFO a probe? How can a UFO probe exist without a mother ship (ie. a naval fighters, at sea, have aircraft carrier bases)? Is it wise to "shoot down" a nuclear armed Atlas missile when destruction may not guarantee detonation neutralisation? It doesn't make sense to send a probe to shoot down an Atlas missle, dummy or otherwise, during relative Earth nation peace time. There was no actual nuclear exchange in progress. Dr. Jacobs insists they are trying to tell us that nuclear war is not the answer and that Earth should join the other peacefull and serene Galactic planets. Technological dominance always creates havoc for the lesser (witness the Spanish canon and sword in South America in the days of Spanish imperialism). Probes are always sourced from heavily armed motherships as the hapless San Salvadoreans found out. ````